Black Label ComiCon 2 August 08, 2020 10Am-7Pm Hampton Inn Hotel Philly

Black Label ComiCon 2 August 08, 2020 10Am-7Pm Hampton Inn Hotel Philly

Black Label ComiCon 2 August 08, 2020 10Am-7Pm Hampton Inn Hotel Philly Black Label ComiCon 2 August 08, 2020 10Am-7Pm Hampton Inn Hotel Philly Black Label ComiCon 2 August 08, 2020 10Am-7Pm Hampton Inn Hotel Philly

See our latest exclusive Comic Books, Stories & Design Concepts!

This is a Celebration of Creativity & Entrepreneurship! (Merger)

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The creative minds of multi ethnic people that strive to entertain you with gripping stories and artwork.

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Next Comic Con (Nerd Fest


Jersey Shore Nerd Fest Sunday Feb. 23

Holiday Inn Philadelphia South-Swedesboro

1 Pureland Dr., Swedesboro, New Jersey 08085

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The Great Philadelphia Con


Chocolate Nation Studios are guests at this event. Come on out and support a fun show. 

Phillipsburg Comic Con


Chocolate Nation Studios are Guests at this amazing School Campus event! 

Baltimore Comic Con Oct. 23-25 2020


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Black Sci-Fi Con. August 1-2, 2020


About Us


This isn't your ordinary Comic Book Convention

This event will be pimping out original concepts and ideas for the entertainment industry. Our talent is fresh and ready to meet your delectable delights. Come hungry because the artists at this event are ready to give you your worthy desires.  

This event will also be highlighting the History of Black Wall Street.



Wide-Ranging Selection

Meet and talk with Artists, Writers, Actors, Cos-players, Models, Press Media, Vendors, Photographers, and Fine Art Majors. Also there will be discussion panel in a separate room to learn and ask questions about this ever changing entertainment industry.

 Our handlers for the Convention will be fun and labelled as Top Flight Security. The staff of the convention and the Hampton Inn Hotel employees are here to make sure that all guest and attendees have a meaningful and great experience. The personnel of Black Label ComiCon and head CEO Eric M. Cooper pride ourselves in being different and producing impacting events. 



Chocolate Nation Studios 


CEO of Black Label ComiCon: Eric M. Coper

Black Label ComiCon Supervisor: Phoe-nix Nebula

Black Label ComiCon Adviser: Jabaar L. Brown  


Media Coverage

Artist Darrell Goza being interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media. You Tube 

T.J. Sterling of RAE Comics interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media 

KonKret Comics being interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media 

 Chris Williams aka CDUBBARTS being interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media

 Over All Showing of Artwork at the show by YouTuber ( waoobake artwork ) 

Wild Card Chronicles interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media 

Dion Floyd of Aquaryus Entertainment interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media 

Constant Hustle Comics interviewed by Heritage Hip-Hop Media 

This Comic Con is in Dedication to Black Wall Street


This era in history was about Black American Entrepreneurship

 Greenwood is a historic freedom colony in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was one of the most prominent concentrations of African-American businesses  in the United States during the early 20th century. It was popularly known as America's "Black Wall Street" until the Tulsa race riot of 1921 

Black Label ComiCon's Mission is to Embrace Creativity & New Ideas

This comic convention will focus on Creators that have their Own Independent Properties, the courage to show their talents and ingenuity to our gracious attendees. 

This Convention will Center around Entrepreneurship

Black Wall Street was a thriving Black Owned Business Era. Now is the time to bring that philosophy back in a media style fashion. It's time to start teaching People of Color to own and operate businesses.  

Promote The Truth that "Black Dollars Matter!"

The Black American Dollar is a powerful force in the American Market Place. Black Americans spend                     ( 1.2 Trillion Dollars ) Annually in the United States and at the same time very little percentage of this currency returns back as investments for the Black Community. WE as a people need to learn how to invest into Businesses, Products, & Services that best represent People of Color and their needs.                                     Black Label ComiCon is honored to be such a platform.

Share with others the importance of this event and the meaning behind it!

This is the first Comic Con of it's kind and the Black Label ComiCon Organizers Challenge You to SHARE this event with others. This event could change a person's life forever and that person or persons may possibly make a positive impact in your own community. Giving people the gift of Knowledge & Awareness is Priceless!

Black Label ComiCon is in association with Chocolate Nation Studios

Black Label Comic Con will do it again in 2020!


Monarch of Acoustics DJ OZNO

 This DJ will bring a touch of Class to the vibe of this event and no off the wall loud music. This style of music will add to your over all experience!  He is currently on the LIVING SAVAGE 2020 Tour /

DJ Ozno aka Alfonso Todd III has been around the comic con scene for years and has learned a little something from each and every comic con or steam punk convention that he has attended. He even has his own convention in  the Lehigh Valley, PA called RetroFuture Faire /  

Alfonso is also a writer and creator of his own character's graphic novel, General T. Osnofla, and will be releasing his newest literary project entitled LIVING SAVAGE in June 2020 .



Host: Hampton Inn Hotel (Philly Convention Center)

This is the first ever ticketed event at this Hampton Inn Hotel.  The staff looks forward to this event and it has a created quite a buzz in the Greater Philadelphia area.

If you are interested in discounted room rates for this event please contact us at the bottom of the home page. *This Hotel was awarded the best Hotel in all of Downtown Philly 2019.* So yes this place has taste! 


Gold Carpet Event

Dress Attire suggested will be (All Black Attire) Street Style, Casual, Or Formal Dress-up, with accents of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Rainbow. The walk on the Gold Carpet will have the services of Professional Photographer Joseph Bruno.  The Photos will make for a memorable moment.

ComiCon Merchandise


Generate excitement

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Generate excitement

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Payments for Producer Tables, and any donations for this event.

Thank you all for your support and contributions to Black Label ComiCon. We appreciate all the Love that you have shown us.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Special Media Guests of 2020

Viceroy of BLCC


Phoe-nix Nebula

Highly talented Creator, Independent Artisrt, and Martial Artist. A man of nature and studies the universal laws.

Member of Chocolate Nation Studios



Chief Ambassador of BLCC


Eric M. Cooper

Creator / Writer / Motivational Speaker

CEO of Black Label ComiCon

Creator of Knight Seeker, Merge, Star Enforcers, The Greenville Triangle

Memeber of Chocolate Nation Studios



Chancellor of BLCC


Jabaar L.  Brown

Creator / Freelance Illustrator / Educational Teacher / Writer / Black History Mentor

Member of Chocolate Nation Studios



Creator & Film Producer (Tentative)


 Vincent J. Roth

Film Producer / Actor / Lawyer / Writer

Creator of the Superhero Surge of Power. Founder of The Champions. 

Film Maker / Promoter / Cosplayer (Black Label ComiCon Sponsor)


 Eric 'The Smoke' Moran

Film Producer / Actor / Pro-Wrestler / Pro-Cosplayer / U.S. Marine

Producer Guests


Demitrius & Brice Bullock

Creators and Artists of the comic book series Daddy Long Legs & Inch Worm. 

Motion Illustrationz

Producer Guest


John & Moana McAdams 

Creators of The Wild Card Chronicles







Producer Guest


Maurice Waters

Creator / Media Producer 

Producer Guest (Heritage Hip-Hop)


 We celebrate all forms of Hip-Hop culture from the 5 pillars in all forms of life. We highlight Music, Health, Fashion, Media, Art, and Expression. We are here to promote and market Hip-Hop culture and it's effect on our community and world. 

Producer Guest (The Great Philadelphia ComicCon)


 The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! is dedicated to producing celebrations of comics and pop culture by providing unique access to talented artists, celebrities, cosplayers and a family-friendly experience for all our fans 

Producer Tables 2020

Honored Guest


Chris Campana

Creator and Freelance Artist 

Producer Table


 Jocelyn Short

 is a freelance concept artist for the entertainment industry as well as the creator of her original I.P. called Bearers. Attached are some of my best selling prints. 

Honored Guest



Frank Percy

Marvel and Indy Comics  Illustrator 

Producer Guest


Shawn Alleyne

Cover Artist / Character Concept Designer/ Fashion Designer

 IG: @Pyroglyphics1   T: @ShawnAlleyneArt 



 Christian Pozos

28 years old and still love video games. I like dark story lines with action, blood and betrayal. I enjoy fantasy things like Lord of the Rings, the Witcher, and D&D even tho I never played yet. Small cute animals make me cry. 


Producer Guest


T.J. Sterling

Creator / Writer / Artist

C.E.O. of  Red Arcis Comics 



Producer Guest


 Derek Allen

Illustrator/ Writer / Producer 

Top Flight Security


Daniel  Butcher

MMA Competition Fighter, and Teacher.

Meat Butcher, Gamer, and Dog Lover 

Producer Guest


 Donald Lambert III

I'm a comic illustrator and I have been drawing since 3yrs old.  Character design or re-imagined concepts is my most favorite  form of art!

Producer Guests


Lauren and Lyndsey Bellamy 

Creators / Writers/ Illustrators

Promoting diverse media for all audiences.

Character Guest



Actress & Model

She is also the graphic representation of Kira Maru in the Knight Seeker Novels aka Knight Seeker's love interest. 

Producer Guest


Miles Simon

Writer / Creator / Editor / PodCaster

Member of Chocolate Nation Studios.

Co-writer of Star Enforcers

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2019 Costume Contest Winners

Sassy Shelton


Best Urban Superhero Expression.

Bryce Bullock


Lynne Marie


Best Iconic Superhero Expression.

Promote current deals


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Share the big news


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Display their FAQs


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Producer & Guest Tables of B.L.C. 2019 are subject to change

Vendor and Media Table


Chris Fraley aka BLACKMAN. Actor/ Writer/ Producer/ Town Jester

Twitter: @blackmanfans  

FB: @chrisfraleypresents

Instag: @blackmanempowers

Guest Character Book Signing


Shing Ka

Actor/Model/Film Producer

Shing is known as the graphic representation of Warlord Sage in the Knight Seeker Novels.

Guest Character Book Signing


David Santiago 

Known Champion of Comic Convention Cosplay Tournaments Nation Wide & the character representation of The Death Stealer in the novel called Merge.

Past guests and sponsors of 2019

Guest Producer Table


J1 Studios

Host of J1-Con Nov 2nd-3rd, 2019

Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

Producers of Music, Video Games & Comic Books 

Guest Producer Table


Blair Smith


Artist on a number of books, Knight Seeker, The Living Corpse, & many others. 

Artist Producer Table




 Artist, Driver, Father, Brother, Mad Titan LLC member, Friend...
Stick around, Look around, Like some stuff, Voice your opinions, order 

Guest Character Promo Signing


Simeon Hickey

Humble active soul in the realm of fitness and Cosplay. Simeon is the representation of a Lead Character in The Greenville Triangle (aka) 

Black Wall Street. 

Producers Table


Dion Floyd


CEO of Aquaryus Entertainment Ventures Inc.

Guest Producers Table


A team of writers and artists that have come together to create comic book adventures and the founders of 

Ocean City Comic Con in Maryland

Guest Producer Table


Andre Batts

Creator / Writer / Illustrator / Filming

 CEO of Motor City Black Age of Comics/Manga 

CEO of Urban Style Comics 

Guest Media Actor & Promo Signing


Brian Gregory (Bwildd)


 Actor on the Amazon series Columbia Heights; Bryan is also the representation of a Supporting Lead Character in The Greenville Triangle (aka) Black Wall Street.

Past guests and sponsors of 2019

Producers Table


Chris Williams (Cdubb) is a comic artist, writer and creator based in the Philadelphia area.



IG/Twitter/Facebook: @cdubbart

Producer Table


Steven Lisefski (gizmo)

Creator of the webcomic 

"The Starving Artist Gizmo"

Producer Table


Shawn McArthur

Writer/ Artist/ Producer

CEO of Divided District Studios

Guest Producer Table


Wayne Sutphin

Writer/ Illustrator/Novelist

 I am bringing fresh new characters, perspectives, and stories to the comic industry. 

Producers Table


 Constant Hustle Comics

 Creators / Writers / Comic Book Artists

 our only drive is to provide all our fans with the diversity we see in our lives everyday.  We want to change the face of heroes and the way their stories are told.  Join us on this journey. 

Past guests and sponsors of 2019

Vendor Services


  Another Planet Barber Shop

Barber Jacque’ Scott, better known as Sci-Fi, is definitely on the come up.  

Guest Producer


Miles Simon

Chocolate Nation Studios Co-writer 

Guest Media Photo Ops.


Father Evil

Creator / Graphic Designer / Photographer 

Guest Producer Table


Costume Contest

The Brother-Man Award


This award will be given to the best representation of an 

Urban Superhero Character. 

The Knight Seeker Award


This award will be given to the best representation of a

Sci-Fi / Warrior Class Superhero

ICON Award


This award will be given to the best representation of an

Iconic Superhero

In honor of the Brother-Man Award


Dawud Anyabwile

is an Emmy Award winning artist, illustrator, and co-creator of the groundbreaking comic book series Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline.  

In honor of the Knight Seeker Award


Eric M. Cooper

is the C.E.O. of Black Label ComiCon

Also he is the author and creator of

Knight Seeker, Star Enforcers, Merge,

and the newest project The Greenville Triangle

In honor of the Icon Award


Dwayne McDuffie

Feb. 20, 1962 - Feb. 21, 2011

 comic book and animation writer best known as one of the founders of  Milestone Media, an imprint of DC Comics dedicated to promoting better  stories and characterizations for minorities and for his contributions  to Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. He has  won  three Eisner Award nominations for his work in comics.

Contact Us

Black Label ComiCon@ Hampton INN Philly Con Center

1301 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, United States

One Day Event August 10, 2019 Saturday 10am. till 5pm.



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