Biographies of Producers, Guests, & Media


Eric M. Cooper

CEO of Black Label ComiCon. Eric is a New Jersey based published sci-fi author and creator of a series of books called Knight Seeker, Star Enforcers, Merge, and the newest up coming book called The Greenville Triangle aka Black Wall Street. The Greenville Triangle will be the first book of it's kind for this era in Black History. To add Eric is the co-founder of Underground Comic Con and Chocolate Nation Studios.


Jabaar L. Brown

 Born in  Wilmington, Delaware in 1972, Jabaar has been drawing since the age of  4. Jabaar was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child.  Back then there  were stigmatisms attached to the illness that caused Jabaar to spend  more time in the house than most children, so he drew and drew….and drew  some more.   In 2010 Jabaar published his first comic book. After  feeling out the comic business, Jabaar quickly picked up on a missing  component in the industry, organization, and solidarity among the  independent artist.  He saw a need to compile artists and publish them in  magazine format. In 2012 the first UGC Revolution Magazine was created.  Underground Comixxx continues to expand and publish their own comics as  well as work with other independent artists and writers. To add Jabaar is the founder of Chocolate Nation Studios and Underground Comic Con.


Phoe-nix Nebula

Phoe-nix Nebula is an artist of an interesting caliber and skill set. He draws his ideas and visions from the living universe. The comics, stories, and poems that he creates are influenced from a spiritual plane which captivates his audience and followers. CEO of Unique Individuals Ink, and 2nd Co-founder of Underground Comic Con. Phoe-nix Nebula is also the Art Director of the Knight Seeker Realm.


T.J. Sterling


TJ Sterling  was born January 22nd, 1983 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At an early age  he displayed a very keen and almost prodigious talent for art. In the  late 1980’s Tj began to take a serious interest in drawing  comic books and superheroes. He frequented numerous local comic shops  where he began collect his first set of comics which would eventually  inspire his signature 90’s comic style.

Over the years Tj  continued to hone his artistic ability by taking numerous art classes  during school and summer periods. In 2001 he moved from Michigan to New  York to attend art college. During college he  worked for Marvel Entertainment in New York City in it’s famous  Bullpen.

After graduating  college, working at Marvel and doing some cover work for Dark Horse  Comics, Tj started his own comic book company..RAE Comics. The first  comic book produced by Tj and his team of professional  artisans was “Okemus”. Tj debuted Okemus issue 0 at San Diego Comic Con  2015 and sold out his first print run. He then would go onto sell out  his second print run at New York Comic Con 2015. Currently Okemus is on  the shelves of 10 different comic shops across  the nation and has been a fan favorite for the past 5 years. 

Tj looks forward to  bringing his new and innovative graphic novels Okemus Issues 0-3 to the  first annual Black Label Comic Con In Philly.


Simeon Hickey


 Born in raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he has always had  an interest in anime, Manga, comic books, and athleticism. This interest  in animated heroes and Japanese culture lead him to the Otakon  convention which at the time was held in Baltimore  annually.  His first entree into the cosplay world was in 2014 when he  dressed as Luffy from One Piece. He was overwhelmed with joy and  excitement to see all the different cosplayers in once space, his first  taste of the diversity of the cosplay world and  he was hooked. One of his most well known or favorite hero to cosplay  is Spider-Man because he is the most down to Earth and relatable  superheroes and he vibed with his desire to put family first and he  protected those he loves. 
His second love is the gym or just working out. He  enjoys training people and getting them in touch with the limits of  their bodies. Exercise gets him closer to his body, his focus on God,  his spirit, as well as physical grow. 

To add Simeon is also a main lead character in Eric M. Cooper's 

The Greenville Triangle (Novic) Novel/Comic  


Wayne Sutphin

more to follow


Brian Gregory

 Brian Gregory (Bwildd Cosplay) A Desert Sheild/Storm  Army Veteran started Cosplaying on 5May2010. " He has made   appearances at Community Events like Camden, New Jersey'sTaking it To The Streets, Children's Cancer Ward at Walter Reed Hospital, Super Hero Day, at Ft.Detrick, Homeland Security Bring Your Kid to  Work Day in  Philadelphia. MWR Con in Bethesda Md.  Wizard World Philadelphia , Richmond Va. ,Dc Funk Parade .BwilddCosplay  is a  co founder  member of the Coslove which is a non profit organization that visits children hospitals. He resides in Clinton, Maryland, Bwildd Cosplay is also a co founder of Together Brothers Productions and has appeared in the fan films Clash In The Knight, Final Escalation, GI Joe Operation Red Retrieval, Legion of Injustice, GI Joe The Joe Files, Star Wars Dark Awakening,  The Heist, and Choices .Currently Bwildd Cosplay has a reoccuring role on the  Amazon streaming series Columbia Heights; playing Fire Chief Joseph Moore.Bwildd Cosplay  is also an Actor, Writer, Producer, Sound Designer, Tokosutsu,  Action Figure Collector ,Comic Books, Prince aficionado.  You can contact Bwildd Cosplay for appearances at  You can follow Brian  at @Bwildd Cosplay(twitter) #Bwildd Cosplay(instagram) Facebook page Bwildd Cosplay!!! 


Dion Floyd

Dion Floyd CEO and Founder of Aquaryus Entertainment was born and raised in Baltimore,Maryland.  In 2005, he published his first comic book project called Immortal Kiss a project he developed some ten years prior. In 2017 he released a reboot of the Immortal Kiss comic book called Eye Of Hecate.
Dion also published StarFall: The Undoing a project he developed with writing partner Reese Robertson that featured independent characters such as Andre Batts' Dreadlocks, Adalberto McFarlane's Michael R Sloane and the first comic book appearance of Ced Pharaoh's literary character, GlyphX.  Plans are underway to release Urban Sprawl: Vengeance Is Mine, the first graphic novel published by Aquaryus Entertainment 

@aqaryusent2018 on Instagram


The World Of Knight Seeker



David 'Cap' Santiago

Animal Rescue, Calendar Guy, Model, Cosplayer, Drag Queen, Adventurer, Cap Santiago has done it all! Since 2015 David has won every Cosplay Competition he has entered. To this day 'Cap' Santiago remains undefeated. David has become the first Cosplayer to ever 'place' in all Championship of all competitions in the United States of America. 


Bill Johnson


Bill Johnson is an Actor, Director and Cosplayer from Harlem, Ny. by way  of Baltimore, Md. He has a BFA from Towson University in Md. Bill is  the Executive Director of Uptown Productions. Bill has been cosplaying  since 2006 when he realized there was a big  need for Superheroes of Color to be represented. #RepresentationMatters  

Bill can be seen in Season 1 of Netflix's Luke Cage. He has also  appeared in "God's Pocket" with Philip Seymour Hoffmann,  "The Kitchen "  with Tiffany Haddish. Saturday Night Live and many off Broadway plays.
 Actor, Director, Producer, Cosplayer
 "Bill Johnson Acting Reel" on YouTube


Shawn McArthur


Staten Island comic book illustrator, and CEO of Divided District Studios, Shawn  McArthur started off just like any other child in the 90's. being  highly influenced by Anime, comic books, movies  and video games, he wanted to be involved with being a part of the  magic of storytelling. Since the age of 5, he was always found drawing  his favorite heroes and making comics of his own. He's hardly a man of  many words but his work and accolades speak for  himself. For someone who sharpens his craft outside of school, Shawn  prides himself on collecting most of his knowledge of drawing from  technique books and YouTube. From penciling to coloring his own pages,  he pushes towards being able to work both traditional  and digital mediums of sequential art. Challenging himself to try  something new and never backing away from difficult tasks. 


*first illustration from “7-3 “ Created by Shawn McArthur. 

*second illustration from “Home and Worlds Beyond” Created by Shawn McArthur. 

From Divided District Studios 

*instagram: @Divided_District_Studios 


*facebook: Divided District Studios,  Shawn McArthur. 

***Website TBA***


Heather Reed


Heather Reed Bio 

As a single mom and entrepreneur, Heather  began working in the entertainment industry off and on since 2002  booking bands and being a photographer for the independent music scene  and indy wrestling feds in Central PA. In 2016 she was given an  opportunity she couldn’t resist, being an artist’s assistant. Quickly  learning a great deal about the comic industry, she found her real  passion as a booking agent. This has allowed her to spend more time with  her almost 13 year old son and has given her the chance to be working  with amazing clients, incredible promoters and top notch Comic  Conventions all around the world. 


Sean Ahrendt


Sean Ahrendt is a comic book and commercial illustrator. Primarily  known for his freelance comic work, Sean has inked over Mark Poulton for  covers of Squirt and USAssassin along with doing color tones over Mike  McMahon's pencils for the book. In addition he has worked on Koni Waves  Making the Wave for Arcana. In the upcoming months Sean will be  providing art and colors for Seraph: Legacy written by Jimmy DaSilva, as  well as working on Club Vampire with writer Mark Poulton. Currently you  can find him working on Imaginary Tales Presents that will kick off the  company’s line of books and the release of Sean’s themed gallery show  “A Tapestry of Mechanical Hearts” is also set to début early this  summer. You can find Sean on the Convention circuit traveling across the  country. 


PLB Comics

PLB Comics is an independent group of artists and writers based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. PLB offers original concepts and fresh perspectives on the world of Sequential Art, while maintaining an appreciation of mainstream classics. 

The PLB Comics team combine elements of science fiction, adventure, noir, horror and comedy to create exciting comic books that appeal to a broad audience while always keeping a flair for originality and innovation.

PLB publishes two main titles, “The Fall” (a noir style vigilante tale) and “Gideon and Sebastian” (A buddy cop, action, comedy, vampire slayer book), as well as a yearly Halloween special. Two more titles are currently being developed, “John the Swamp Dude” and “Justin Case”.

At the con you will find not only PLB's original titles at their booth, but also art prints, t-shirts, buttons and more. So be sure to stop and say hello, free high fives for all! 


Steven Lisefski (gizmo)

 Is a freelance Colorist/Illustrator and the creator of the webcomic "Starving Artist Gizmo" Mostly doing colorist work, he has worked on books ranging from independents to comics for Archie. Always enjoy coloring new projects and pushing his talents. 


Bryce Bullock aka Inch Worm

 Bryce has always been inspired by watching his father draw and he has developed his own love of drawing and creativity. He has been working on character creation and development since the age of 5 and wrote, illustrated and published his first full length comic book, Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm in Feb 2018 at the age of 9. Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm are two accidental heroes embarking on adventures where they battle with the most uncommon foes found in all of comic history, with their first villain being the one who accidentally gave them their powers. The first issue also launched Bryce’s own company venture called Pankake Images, CCD and he has since published the 2nd issue of Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm in August 2018, which received a Rising Star Award Nomination from the Glyph Comic Awards, 2019. Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm is a planned 10 issue series with Issue 3 recently released in March 2019 and Issue #4 to soon follow. Throughout the series these heroes meet and defeat several other character villains as Bryce continues to build and expand his company Pankake Images, CCD with the assistance of his father, Demitrius as lead illustrator and mother, Michelle as editor. 


Shawn Alleyne


Pyroglyphics Studios is a one stop art studio for hire covering all projects commercial and independently art based. We specialize in comic book illustration, but also cover the fields of character design, storyboarding, logo design, graphic design, fashion and so much more. The company was created and is run by Shawn Alleyne, and showcases all of Shawn’s work, complimented with effects by a rotating staff of freelance colorists and graphic designers. Predominant studio members are Tommy Shelton and Renee Clarke, and all studio members are credited in each piece and project. Welcome to Pyroglyphics Studios—The place of combustible skillastrations.

Shawn Alleyne (Freelance Artist/Writer/Inker) Born and raised on the island of Barbados, Shawn later relocated to Philadelphia where he is currently working as a freelance Artists, Writer, and Instructor. Shawn fuses sci-fi and mythology with his Caribbean roots and love of hip-hop in his work. He is the founder of the artgroup Artmada, the Xion Network community group, and is a part of the Street Team Studio collective. Primarily his work is produced under the Pyroglyphics Studios banner, a name roughly translated to mean "Hot Images", to reflect his gritty self-taught style.

Links to social sites and other info: 

IG: @Pyroglyphics1 T: @ShawnAlleyneArt


Kareem Neal


Kareem Neal is a self-contained Special Education teacher, having taught students with severe cognitive delays for 21 years. Kareem began his career as an educator working at The Developmental Learning Center of New Providence, a school for students with autism, where he received training in Applied Behavior Analysis and learned techniques for reaching students with special needs. 

After three years, he relocated to Arizona to study under the world renowned Lorna Jean King and teach at The Children's Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies where he learned how to apply advanced cognitive and behavioral teaching strategies and Sensory Integration in a classroom setting. 

For the past twelve years,he has served as the self-contained Special Education teacher for Maryvale High School. As the PLC leader for the Phoenix Union High School District, he has created and developed all of the curricula

across all content areas used district wide in self-contained Special Education classes.

Kareem is also the sponsor of Maryvale High's Diversity Club and the Vice President of the Phoenix Union High School District's Black Alliance. With his National Board Certification in progress, he has been recognized by the National Education Association with a Diversity Grant; earned the Maryvale

Revitalization Committee's Educator Excellence Award, and is a former Teacher of the Year for Maryvale High School. Kareem was awarded an honorary doctorate at Northern Arizona University. 


Miles Simon

 Hey, there. My name is Miles Simon. I’m the co-writer to Eric M. Cooper's Star Enforcers, I'm the editor and one of the creative influences for Merge a superhero novel. 

I’m a lover of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes and many other things nerdy. I discovered this love at a young age for the world of nerdy things and hoped to become a writer and editor myself one day. And what do you know? I am one now. I spend my day to day arguing with folks over social political issues, playing dungeons and dragons, and doing whatever it takes to make my life and the lives of the people around me better when I can.

I truly hope the books I create or help to create speaks to those who feel their voices aren’t being heard in the mainstream media of television, movies, comic books and many other things nerdy, as well as tells a story you can fall in love with. Thanks Eric Cooper for believing in my talents, and the many gifted artists that I have the pleasure to work with.


Close the deal

  Ever since I first picked up my first Batman comic in 1993, I dreamed of becoming a comic book artist. As a child I learned to draw by referencing comics, magazines, and action figures. I drew my first complete comic in the 5th grade; a few loose leaf pages stapled together. It was called Skull Boy and it centered on a poorly drawn skull with limbs. My friends all enjoyed it and I continued to make them all through grade school and high school.

            After I graduated high school, I really wanted to pursue a career in comic books. Despite being told there was “no money in art”, I kept drawing. I attended Rutgers-Camden and majored in criminal justice, a back-up plan in case my comic book career never took off. In 2009, I took my portfolio to Wizard World Philly, but none of the professional artists would look at it. In 2010, I took my work to the New York Comic Con… but arrived too late for the DC Comics Talent Search.  

  In 2013, my friend Hong Nguyen came to me about creating a website for online comics. He’d seen my previous work and high school and thought I’d be interested. Initially, I refused because I was nervous. I didn’t feel that I was good enough. Eventually, I relented and decided to rework an issue of The Bolt I had lying around. I figured that I would put it out, no one would read it, and that would be it. However, inking and coloring that comic issue reawakened my passion. I loved making the panels, adding the word bubbles, and fleshing out my characters. Once The Bolt #1 debuted in April 2013, I received a great amount of positive feedback. People actually read it and enjoyed it! With my confidence restored, I threw myself into my work, creating further issues of The Bolt as well as adding Anomaly to the site.
Today, I have two comic book series that I love to create. My work has been featured in a few local newspapers, and I’ve attended numerous events to gain more exposure. People really seem to enjoy the books and I’m proud of all that I’ve achieved. I am truly grateful to everyone that takes the time to read my comics and I thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you enjoy the comics, but also realize (as I have) that no dream is too far-fetched as long as we have the passion and resolve to pursue them. 


Constant Hustle Comics

  Whether it's Charles Simpson (left) our Art Director, Elijah Manning (right) our Branding & Marketing Director or Lawrence J. King (middle) our founder and CEO our only drive is to provide all our fans with the diversity we see in our lives everyday.  We want to change the face of heroes and the way their stories are told.  Join us on this journey. 

We ponder the worlds guidelines. We innovate ways to engage our audience. We construct the stories that push the limits. We amaze. We're an independent, creative comic book studio that looks beyond the confines of the three act story telling walls and considers overall design of the world and those in it. Applying many combined years of experience, our team researches and challenges the need for deeply constructed stories that others shy away from.  

Every story is unique. Every act is its own. Every setting deserves to be considered for its independence but devotion to the overall story. 

​Not writing or creating beautiful pieces of art just for the sake of it.  But testing the limits of all of our abilities while also challenging you to come along. 


Konkret Comic

 What  is Konkret Comics?

Konkret  Comics is an Independent publishing company launched in 2018 by creator and writer Derek Anthony Allen. This company is a branch of Konkret Muzik Group.

Who  is Konkret Comics? 

Konkret  Comics is a collective of artists, creators, and writers. Our passion as creators is to bring our wildest dreams to life through our deep-rooted stories and eye-catching visuals. Join us on our exciting journey to build a universe unlike anything you’ve ever  seen. 

What  is our Mission? 

Our  mission is to create stories through a diverse lens that appeals to all audiences, of all ages. Breaking boundaries, and stereotypes. Daring to be different. 

-Keep it Konkret! ~Derek Anthony Allen 


Lauren and Lyndsey Bellamy


Lauren and Lyndsey Bellamy are the sister team behind Nijicon and The Panel Geeks. This dynamic duo is passionate about bringing diversity to all comic, animation, manga, and anime themed events. Both sisters also write fantasy M/M novels while Lyndsey also works as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist.

- Lyndsey


Dave Markowski

 Super Hero Speak is a weekly audio podcast about TV, movies, cartoons and comic books. Featuring guest appearances from some of the best talents working in comics, TV and film today. The geek culture podcast for fans by fans! 

Host - Super Hero Speak

"Live your dreams, wake up from your nightmares" - Jeph Loeb


Andre Batts

 Here is my bio Andre L. Batts born May 4, 1966, recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award February 16, 2017, grew up on the west side of Detroit. Andre had a close knit family with his Mom, Dad, Brother Grandmother and his many Cousins and of course Aunts and Uncles. They were all like Brothers and Sisters, but there was one difference, Andre was the only one that had a love for comic books. Growing up during the 70’s other kids would say to him, Man why are you always reading comic books. Andre had a love for comic books such as Dr. Strange, the X-men and the Avengers. He was a self taught artist, who learned to draw by looking at the images that were in the comics that he had been reading. Through time Andre stopped drawing due to becoming a teenager and discovering girls, at this time period Andre still occasionally picked up comics that he generally read as a child. He no longer bought his comics at the neighborhood store, but now Andre had to buy his comics at comic book specialty shops outside the urban Detroit area. It seemed to Andre that they were trying to keep African American from having access to these comics, unless they had the means to go into the suburbs.   After years have past by Andre had began studying the Medu Neter   and all that was related to his African culture. He started realizing that there weren’t enough African American representation in comic books yet African Americans were spending a lot of money on comic books including him. Andre realized a lot of comic book stories stemmed from ancient African Myths and Spirituality. The Myths were watered down to fit characters such as Superman, the Xmen and others in the Marvel, D.C. Universes. So, Andre, being heavily influences by the books he read in his 20’s and 30’s as well as the music he listened to in the mid 80’s and early 90.s (Reggae and conscious Hip Hop) He began writing and writing and eventually developed his own likeness in his own African American character he created called Dreadlocks in 1993, he released his first Dreadlocks title in 1996; he has been rolling them out ever since. I began studying at the College of Creative studies to get better on Anatomy and Figure drawing, which somehow lead me into fine art and abstract paintings.    The Brief Bio of Andre L. Batts


Chris Williams


Chris Williams (Cdubb) is a comic artist, writer and creator based in the Philadelphia area. After earning his BA in Animation & Media Arts in 2008 from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Chris has sold many commissioned works locally and internationally. Some of his notable works include cover art for Big Dog Ink's "Critter" & "Penny For Your Soul", Kenzer & Co.'s “Knights of The Dinner Table”, Markosia Comics' "Geek-Girl", Source Point Press' "Salvagers" & "Franklin And Ghost", as well as promotional art for award-winning photographer, Nick Saglimbeni and his site. Chris is currently working on his creator owned comic series, "SUMMONS" under his publishing imprint, Cross-World Creations, and an upcoming Native American themed comic called Tribal Force.

IG/Twitter/Facebook: @cdubbart


John III & Moana McAdams

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Local Business Support and Promoter Barber Jacque' Scott


Another Planet Barber Shop LLC

 Barber Jacque’ Scott, better known as Sci-Fi, is definitely on the come up. The 29-year-old hair magician can allegedly turn any head into a mind-blowing piece of art. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just check out the 5-star Yelp reviews calling her the “best barber in Philly.” Or you can ask the celebrity athletes who have spent time in her chair. Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks has made a visit and so have Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry and Major League Soccer player Justin Morrow, among others. Sci-Fi’s journey has been far from easy. For starters, she’s a woman in a male-dominated field and opening a small business in Philly on one’s own isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Right now, Sci-Fi's shop located at 808 South Street, is completely run by the young entrepreneur. 

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Frank Percy

An illustrator on The Punisher


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