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Knight Seeker Vol. 1 of 3


Knight Seeker by Eric M. Cooper

(Caption Novel : Text Combined with Chapter illustrations)

This is the first story of a very unique and different style of super hero.
Nygel Spinner lived a normal life as a college student,
until one fateful night he became something more than human.
With advanced technology and superhuman abilities
he suddenly became the ultimate hunter.
As Nygel tries to balance his normal life with the dangers of being Knight Seeker,
evil forces are at work attempting to dominate the world of the living.
Join Knight Seeker as he battles Warlord Sage,
a demon bent on opening the gates of hell
and unleashing doom for all mankind.
316 pages over 50 illustrations.

Link for Purchase:


Star Enforcers by Eric M. Cooper & Miles Simon


An experimental starship is placed in the command of a crew of fifty convicted criminals in the Andromeda Galaxy that have been deputized as undercover constables.

Their five year sentence is to serve the honorable but divisive Flow Council aboard the U.S.S. Enforcer.

The crew is not trustworthy of each other as the captain has the daunting task to keep them focused on accomplishing some of the most dangerous assignments put before them. 
Over 30 images are in this publication.

Link for Purchase:


Merge by Eric M. Cooper

 MERGE: How do you handle being a teenager living on the 
Compton side of Los Angeles, California with unusual powers from alien technology? 
How do you get through the school day while facing street gangs, drug dealers, and dangerous vigilantes? The last thing on your mind is school 

work, working a part time job, and a possible love interest. 
Welcome to Merge: Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a Superhero. 
This 'Caption Novel' contains over 40 illustrations 
from artists around the United States, Italy, and Brazil. 

Link for Purchase:


Comic Book: Knight Seeker Smoke and Mirrors Vol. 1 By Keith Thomas & Blair SMith

Knight Seeker is facing a new adversary that is content on capturing him and removing him from his mission. The super mutant thief Sting is also in the mix as the mysterious Agent F.A.D.E. waits to see what happens. 


Comic Book: Knight Seeker Players of the Game by Eric M. Cooper / Blair Smith / Keith Thomas / Phoe-nix Nebula

The best way to describe this comic book is to say that it is a Trailer Movie to the first novel of Knight Seeker. It's filled with action and information about his world.


Knight Seeker Vol. 2 by Eric M. Cooper


Knight Seeker II:

Crimes of Passion

(Caption Novel : Text Novel Combined with Chapter illustrations)

Thrust into a violent situation,
Knight Seeker becomes a wanted criminal in league with two powerful mutants.
One of the mutants is an exiled Roman Catholic Priest
trying to reconnect with his past;
the other is a jewelry thief intent on stealing a mysterious
and highly coveted religious artifact.
Chased by United States Marshals and a high-tech enforcement group,
they run throughout the city to avoid being captured dead or alive. 
As gang violence and the mutant threat tear the city apart,
the New York Police Department tries to keep the peace
while Knight desperately attempts to clear his name.
435 pages includes 39 illustrations. 

Link to Purchase:


Knight Seeker Vol. 3 Blades of Justice by Eric M. Cooper

 A vigilante with a dangerous secret has started dispensing a unique form of justice but government agents desperately want the secret for themselves. The police are frantically trying to protect lives and property while Nygel's friends are caught in the middle. As one man tries to protect Guillotine and orchestrate a peaceful conclusion, Knight Seeker follows the wake of destruction to reluctantly fulfill his mission. This 'Caption Novel contains over 30 illustrations. 

Link for purchasing.

Knight Seeker Costume by

Modeled by Rocko Dubbs


This suit is very representative of the character Knight Seeker. It can be made with an open face area or fully enclosed mask. Please Note: Fully Enclosed Mask requires that you construct your own eye holes and affix your own faceshell if desired.  

Link to purchase this costume is below this image.

image14 will cater to your Knight Seeker costume purchase, just follow the link below.

FaceShell by BaneBravo


This Faceshell has a magnetic detachable visor. BaneBravo has been in the business of cosplaying and constructing faceshells. He is recognized by the cosplay community for his professionalism.

Link to purchase BaneBravo FaceShell is below this image.


Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell


People of Color were asking for original Characters of Color to cosplay.  Knight Seeker has answered.  As for the Cosplay Sword we are still trying to find a worthy replicator.

Independent Writer and Artist Staff Coming Soon

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)


 Phoe-nix Nebula is the art director of Merge, Star Enforcers, and 'The Greenville Triangle' Projects.
A Philadelphia Artist that sees the energy in all things and illustrates
the essence of what is presented to him.
He is also a trained Martial Artist and Instructor. 

Miles Simon (Writer)


 Miles Simon's Facebook page is

Co-writer of Star Enforcers Novel and Editor to the Merge Novel 

Shawn Alleyne (Former Art Director)


 Shawn Alleyne is a Barbadian born and raised artist who moved to Philadelphia as a teen and has lived there ever since. From an early age he knew he wanted to be involved with art (primarily comics), in some capacity and is currently working as a freelance artist, with many clients ranging from the field of comics to music to film and more. Shawn has set up a studio by the name of PYROGLYPHICS, a stylistic name that translates to “Hot Images”, to reflect his self-taught style. Shawn is also the founder of a new Philadelphia based artist networking group called XION, a community designed for comic book creators. 

Jabaar L. Brown (Artist)


  Jabaar has been drawing since the age of 4. Jabaar was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child.  Back then there were stigmatism’s attached to the illness that caused Jabaar to spend more time in the house than most children, so he drew and drew….and drew some more.   In 2010 Jabaar published his first comic book.After feeling out the comic business, Jabaar quickly picked up on a missing component in the industry, organization and solidarity among the independent artist.  He saw a need to compile artist and publish them in magazine format. In 2012 the first UGC Revolution Magazine was created. Underground Comixxx continues to expand and publish their own comics as well as work with other independent artists and writers. 

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)


Blair Smith


Artist on a number of books, Knight Seeker, The Living Corpse, & many others. 

Jonathan Piccini (Artist)


Jonathan Piccini is an international artist for the Knight Seeker world of books. He resides in  Italy and has a truly unique artist style of his own. 

Marcelo Mueller


Marcelo Mueller is a multi-talented freelance visual artist who has worked for  Trabalhou nas editoras Avatar, Lion Forge, IDW, Dark Horse, Zenescope . He resides in Brazil and is a happily married man. 

Alan Dyson


Alan Dyson Freelance Illustrator with a flare for realism illustrations. 


Miguel Blanco


Miguel Blanco aka Michael White Jr.

is a freelance illustrator from NY who has dedicated his life to creating Art and letting his imagination lead him. 

Eric Maruscak


 I am an artist, an illustrator, a cartoonist, and a painter. I draw in chalk on the ground all over the United States, and people seem to dig it. I like comic books, and movies, and pop culture and the paranormal.

Erik Arreaga


 Freelance Artist & Illustrator 

Other Independent Creators and Artists



Keith Thomas  Jan. 28, 1973 passing  Oct. 2017 : Freelance writer and creator of a large line of independent characters and comic books. Works such as The Living Corpse, Into The Suck, Knight Seeker, Penance and many others. Keith is missed by the many people who have known him personally. 

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