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Knight Seeker Vol. 1 of 3


Knight Seeker by Eric M. Cooper

(Caption Novel : Text Combined with Chapter illustrations)

This is the first story of a very unique and different style of super hero.
Nygel Spinner lived a normal life as a college student,
until one fateful night he became something more than human.
With advanced technology and superhuman abilities
he suddenly became the ultimate hunter.
As Nygel tries to balance his normal life with the dangers of being Knight Seeker,
evil forces are at work attempting to dominate the world of the living.
Join Knight Seeker as he battles Warlord Sage,
a demon bent on opening the gates of hell
and unleashing doom for all mankind.
316 pages over 50 illustrations.

Link for Purchase:


Star Enforcers by Eric M. Cooper & Miles Simon


An experimental starship is placed in the command of a crew of fifty convicted criminals in the Andromeda Galaxy that have been deputized as undercover constables.

Their five year sentence is to serve the honorable but divisive Flow Council aboard the U.S.S. Enforcer.

The crew is not trustworthy of each other as the captain has the daunting task to keep them focused on accomplishing some of the most dangerous assignments put before them. 
Over 30 images are in this publication.

Link for Purchase:


Merge by Eric M. Cooper

 MERGE: How do you handle being a teenager living on the 
Compton side of Los Angeles, California with unusual powers from alien technology? 
How do you get through the school day while facing street gangs, drug dealers, and dangerous vigilantes? The last thing on your mind is school 

work, working a part time job, and a possible love interest. 
Welcome to Merge: Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a Superhero. 
This 'Caption Novel' contains over 40 illustrations 
from artists around the United States, Italy, and Brazil. 

Link for Purchase:


Comic Book: Knight Seeker Smoke and Mirrors Vol. 1 By Keith Thomas & Blair SMith

Knight Seeker is facing a new adversary that is content on capturing him and removing him from his mission. The super mutant thief Sting is also in the mix as the mysterious Agent F.A.D.E. waits to see what happens. 


Comic Book: Knight Seeker Players of the Game by Eric M. Cooper / Blair Smith / Keith Thomas / Phoe-nix Nebula

The best way to describe this comic book is to say that it is a Trailer Movie to the first novel of Knight Seeker. It's filled with action and information about his world.


Knight Seeker Vol. 2 by Eric M. Cooper


Knight Seeker II:

Crimes of Passion

(Caption Novel : Text Novel Combined with Chapter illustrations)

Thrust into a violent situation,
Knight Seeker becomes a wanted criminal in league with two powerful mutants.
One of the mutants is an exiled Roman Catholic Priest
trying to reconnect with his past;
the other is a jewelry thief intent on stealing a mysterious
and highly coveted religious artifact.
Chased by United States Marshals and a high-tech enforcement group,
they run throughout the city to avoid being captured dead or alive. 
As gang violence and the mutant threat tear the city apart,
the New York Police Department tries to keep the peace
while Knight desperately attempts to clear his name.
435 pages includes 39 illustrations. 

Link to Purchase:


Knight Seeker Vol. 3 Blades of Justice by Eric M. Cooper

 A vigilante with a dangerous secret has started dispensing a unique form of justice but government agents desperately want the secret for themselves. The police are frantically trying to protect lives and property while Nygel's friends are caught in the middle. As one man tries to protect Guillotine and orchestrate a peaceful conclusion, Knight Seeker follows the wake of destruction to reluctantly fulfill his mission. This 'Caption Novel contains over 30 illustrations. 

Link for purchasing.

Knight Seeker Costume by

Modeled by Rocko Dubbs

Costume Pattern by William Lechtenberg

Link to purchase this costume is below this image.


This suit is very representative of the character Knight Seeker. It can be made with an open face area or fully enclosed mask. Please Note: Fully Enclosed Mask requires that you construct your own eye holes and affix your own faceshell if desired.  

Link to purchase this costume is below this image.

Costume Pattern by William Lechtenberg

Link to purchase this costume is below this image.

image108 will cater to your Knight Seeker costume purchase, just follow the link below.

Costume Pattern by William Lechtenberg

Costume Pattern by William Lechtenberg

Costume Pattern by William Lechtenberg


FaceShell by BaneBravo

Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell

Costume Pattern by William Lechtenberg


This Faceshell has a magnetic detachable visor. BaneBravo has been in the business of cosplaying and constructing faceshells. He is recognized by the cosplay community for his professionalism.

Link to purchase BaneBravo FaceShell is below this image.

Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell

Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell


Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell

Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell

Creator Eric M. Cooper Modeling full costume with Faceshell


People of Color were asking for original Characters of Color to cosplay.  Knight Seeker has answered.  As for the Cosplay Sword we are still trying to find a worthy replicator.

Media Exposure

Knight Seeker Image by Jonathan Piccini

Personal Video Interviews at Comic Cons

Interview of Eric Cooper at Khem Fest by Luke Cage, hoste by Surge of Power.

YouTube Content

 (Creating Meaningful Comics and Novels) Running time 51:02

 (Creating Merge & all the trials to get this novel completed.) Running time  1hr: 40 mins

Podcast Interviews

 Episode 192.2 from Superhero Speak. 

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Independent Writer and Artist Staff Coming Soon

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)


 Phoe-nix Nebula is the art director of Merge, Star Enforcers, and 'The Greenville Triangle' Projects.
A Philadelphia Artist that sees the energy in all things and illustrates
the essence of what is presented to him.
He is also a trained Martial Artist and Instructor. 

Miles Simon (Writer)

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)


 Miles Simon's Facebook page is

Co-writer of Star Enforcers Novel and Editor to the Merge Novel 

Shawn Alleyne (Former Art Director)

Phoe-nix Nebula (Main Art Director)

Shawn Alleyne (Former Art Director)


 Shawn Alleyne is a Barbadian born and raised artist who moved to Philadelphia as a teen and has lived there ever since. From an early age he knew he wanted to be involved with art (primarily comics), in some capacity and is currently working as a freelance artist, with many clients ranging from the field of comics to music to film and more. Shawn has set up a studio by the name of PYROGLYPHICS, a stylistic name that translates to “Hot Images”, to reflect his self-taught style. Shawn is also the founder of a new Philadelphia based artist networking group called XION, a community designed for comic book creators. 

Jabaar L. Brown (Artist)

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)

Shawn Alleyne (Former Art Director)


  Jabaar has been drawing since the age of 4. Jabaar was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child.  Back then there were stigmatism’s attached to the illness that caused Jabaar to spend more time in the house than most children, so he drew and drew….and drew some more.   In 2010 Jabaar published his first comic book.After feeling out the comic business, Jabaar quickly picked up on a missing component in the industry, organization and solidarity among the independent artist.  He saw a need to compile artist and publish them in magazine format. In 2012 the first UGC Revolution Magazine was created. Underground Comixxx continues to expand and publish their own comics as well as work with other independent artists and writers. 

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)


Blair Smith


Artist on a number of books, Knight Seeker, The Living Corpse, & many others. 

Jonathan Piccini (Artist)

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)

Blair Smith (Artist and Colorist)


Jonathan Piccini is an international artist for the Knight Seeker world of books. He resides in  Italy and has a truly unique artist style of his own. 

Marcelo Mueller

Marcelo Mueller

Marcelo Mueller


Marcelo Mueller is a multi-talented freelance visual artist who has worked for  Trabalhou nas editoras Avatar, Lion Forge, IDW, Dark Horse, Zenescope . He resides in Brazil and is a happily married man. 

Chris Vance

Marcelo Mueller

Marcelo Mueller


Alan Dyson

Marcelo Mueller

Miguel Blanco


Alan Dyson Freelance Illustrator with a flare for realism illustrations. 


Miguel Blanco

Miguel Blanco

Miguel Blanco


Miguel Blanco aka Michael White Jr.

is a freelance illustrator from NY who has dedicated his life to creating Art and letting his imagination lead him. 

Eric Maruscak

Miguel Blanco

Eric Maruscak


 I am an artist, an illustrator, a cartoonist, and a painter. I draw in chalk on the ground all over the United States, and people seem to dig it. I like comic books, and movies, and pop culture and the paranormal.

Erik Arreaga

Miguel Blanco

Eric Maruscak


 Freelance Artist & Illustrator 

Other Independent Creators and Artists


Writers and Editors

Keith Thomas  Jan. 28, 1973 passing  Oct. 2017 : Freelance writer and creator of a large line of independent characters and comic books. Works such as The Living Corpse, Into The Suck, Knight Seeker, Penance and many others. Keith is missed by the many people who have known him personally. 

Tim Grundmann:  The main editor of the first novel of Knight Seeker.  Tim is a very experienced editor and has worked under many banners. 

Chervenak J. Thomas: Editor to Knight Seeker Vol. 2, Knight Seeker Vol.3 and Star Enforcers.


J.P. Perez : Freelance Graphic Artist & Consultant at Disney Broadcast Production 

                 FB Link: 

Andy Seabert: Illustrator and Comic Book Creator

Kett McKenna: Freelance Illustrator FB: 

Paris Alleyne: Freelance Illustrator and Comic Book Creator FB: 

Devon Camel: Illustrator and Comic Book Creator  FB: 

Doomsmith:  (Instagram) Doomsmithart

Malachi Grabowy: Freelance Illustrator FB: 

Matthew Seel:  Make-up Fx Artist / Sets and props Designer-Fabricater / Charactor Creator at Death Clock Studios FB Link: 

J. Lynn Warner: Comic Book Creator and Writer 

Antonio Clark: Freelance Illustrator FB Link:  Personal Link: 

Rodney Jacobsen: FB: 

 Kyle Kirkner : 3-D Model and Animation Computer Artist Link: 

 Katherine Lo: Artist and Lettering  FB: 

 Adam Hicks:  Graphic Artist  

 Dan DeMille : Comic and Graphic Artist 

Scott Clark :  Illustrator and Novel Writer (Link):

 Richard A. Zak : Comic Book Artist 

 Tremaine Worrell: Illustrator/Grafic Designer/Comic Artist (Link): 


 Christopher Cho: Freelance Artist and Costume Maker   (Link):

 Jeff Balke: Colorist and illustrator 

Elliot Bowman: Freelance Illustartor & Concept Designs: 


Personal reviews



Edward Davis of Lawrenceville, NJ

Hi Eric, You helped get my new glasses last week,

and you also sold us a copy of Knight Seeker, I took it on a plane ride with me and devoured it,

reading whenever I had spare time, and I just want to say that I LOVED it!

Knight Seeker is by far my favorite superhero,

and I can't wait to read the next book! Please don't make me wait too long,



Peter Bronsteen of

Hi Eric: I finished Knight Seeker last night. The book was extraordinary.

You have an unbounded and spectacular imagination.

I truly enjoyed your work and look forward to the next volume! My regards,

Peter Bronsteen


L. Davis (Sensational Spidergirl !)

"Your Hero you came up with, is in a League Of His Own!  NO ONE CAN MATCH HIM!!! Knight Seeker I believe stands on his own....where no other HERO can even touch him!! I loved the whole book!"

A new Super Hero is on the block. The world must be awash with evil for us to need so many but maybe

it's because we have so many is what makes the world a much safer place. Is the Knight Seeker the one to take on the mantel of the protector of the world's values? (or is that the American  values?)

Nygel Spinner is not the sort of name you'd associate with a superhero but this nerdy character acquires powers way beyond the scope of mortal man and proves to be well up to the challenge. Thrown into the role by accident, Nygel pits himself against an ancient evil as he struggles to deal with his changing physiology, low self-esteem, spiritual awaking and blossoming love life.

This first book by Eric M Cooper seems to be laying the groundwork for a series of adventures by the

Knight Seeker, Nygel's alter ego, as he battles evil to maintain truth, justice and the American way

(to borrow a cliché from another well known American Super Hero).

Much of this first novel focus' on the development of the character and how he becomes aware of,

and learns to use, his array of superpowers with the help of Compass, his hi-tech mentor, tutor and sidekick. 

It's a simple tale following a well laid formula and draws parallels with many of the “super hero” characters we've come to know and love over the decades but Knight Seeker still provides a fun read in it's a “comic book style read."with  pictures 

Knight Seeker II by Matthew Goad 

 Once you have attained the chemical composition of a master's will, be it vampire, mutant or star constable, you can then be taken into any zone of trepidation, by the highest power of sanguinilerial aspiration and commence the work therein. When fanboys were young, the merest hint of a comic book being brought to life beyond the walls of it's effusive pulp and color would bring heaven to the soul, as brevity of wit causes the death of cliche.     This book musters a sensibility of temporal accretion, transcendence in the genre of Superhero. He with the ablities that surpass flatscan mortal, must then role-reverse, and become a living element whose psyche, in order to be labeled as such, must cease to exist. Without this progenesis lies the death of ego and a dearth of acumen. Following the line leads to the edge of Knightseeker, a being as human as the rest of us, walking his own path to the celestials, as do the rest of our beholden tribe.     The world within is a colorful ride, that while enjoyed by many, can only bring introspection of character, to a few. Understanding this conceptual pointillism will grace the imagination with black and white renderings that bring stark validity to the drawings therein. To read Cooper's work is uncorking and drinking down a barrell of literary ale, one flagon at a time. It is some of the finest and most heady to be found at this time on our primarian globe, to moderate your leisure in a nascent environment of didacticism.


Honor: The Way to Become a Superhero         

While at LensCrafters I met a superhero -- acting as an eyeglass specialist.He revealed his secret identify only after we began talking about greatness.Although he wears a costume at times (more on that later) , he’s primarily focused on helping those without hope.His personal story highlights one characteristic shared by Greatness Architects – they honor others. Eric Cooper, aka the Knightseeker ( is an amazing, athletic and energized man who credits his life goals and success in reaching them to his mother and grandmother.These women were the Greatness Architects in his life and helped him recognize his unique abilities.By honoring Eric, they fostered his individuality and independence.How do Greatness Architects honor others as well as themselves?Three disciplines honor individuals and help them achieve greatness:1) supporting freedom of choice:2) fostering strengths; and 3) enabling independence. Ensuring awareness and disciplined use of our freedom of choice is one primary way we honor others or ourselves.Believing that all of our life’s outcomes are uncontrollable puts us at risk for learned helplessness.We give up and let whatever might happen, happen. Greatness Architects make others aware of choices they haveand encourage them to choose.The simple act of choosing is immensely empowering and fosters a sense of control in life. At an early age,Eric realized the intersection of two things he wanted to do: write science fiction and help others.Every day he chooses to follow that dream.Greatness Architects know that everyone has freedom of choiceand they encourage everyone to make a choice rather than remaining helpless. Greatness Architects also exemplify honor by fostering strengths rather than focusing on weakness.Our society operates according to the premise that if we focus on fixing what we do poorly, we will become great.The belief that we can fix what is deficient to become great is called the “deficit theory of change.”This doesn’t work and, in fact, deflects attention from a strategy that can: focusing on strengths.Eric’s family helped him find his unique strengths and then fostered those strengths. Greatness Architects encourage others and themselves to identify what they do best and then find ways to develop those strengths even further. Finally, Greatness Architects show honor by enabling independence in thought and action.Great individuals do not generally follow the crowd,but their independence most likely emerged as a result of being challenged. In 1987,psychologists Nemeth and Chiles found that independence develops more when people experience dissent or challenge.Your sense of independence will not grow if everyone around you is in agreement.Dissent compels people to examine their conceptsand actually develop a stronger sense of independence.Eric is trying to change the concept of a superheroand hears plenty of dissent. Greatness Architects don’t just listen to those who agree with them,they’re willing to listen to dissenting views. Eric Cooper, the Knightseeker, was encouraged by two Greatness Architects to become the very best he could become.They honored him by giving him freedom of choice, helping him identify his strengths and fostering independence.Now, Eric has taken on the role of Greatness Architect. Speaking about his book around the country, sometimes in costume,he fosters freedom of choice, strengths and independence by giving hope to the hopeless.We don’t have to don a costume to be a Greatness Architect,but developing our own greatness and helping others to do so one way to become a superhero.
The Greatness ProjectTM is researched and written by:
Scott Asalone & Jan Sparrow
Copyright © ASGMC, Inc. 2009 

A Great Super Hero Adventure, By S William Shaw "Writer" (The Nether) -
If you are a fan of superheroes, this book will take you on a great and fun adventure. Eric Mann Cooper
has written one of the best books I have read this year, and I read a lot. Knight Seeker is a perfect gift for
superhero fans in the family.


Female business owner

I met Eric Cooper in the mall when I purchased D&G glasses at his place of employment. I also purchased your book and read it. I could not put the book down. I know that your talent will ultimately be enjoyed by millions. You are blessed.

(Business Owner)


A really great novel! 

by Manuel Schmidt

I was wondering since I guess that this guy * DID NOT really READ * the book or at least not completely or with a total different expectation. I read it (completely) and the concept has just a very little comparison to other superheros that I have read about (and there a just a few I did not read, Spiderman nearly all).
Eric's building block was Spidey but very far off from that, even Knight Seeker's abilities are different and more cutting edge. Spiderman has nothing on Knight Seeker, the character stands alone. Pick it up and read his book it is very different - and I would have loved if Jim Faison would have done the same.

I am just wondering why people write this into a review. Of course it is up to anyone to have their own opinion, but it should always be a little objective and constructive.



Knight Seeker

by woliver

I finished reading this book two weeks ago and found it very enjoyable and hard to put down. I'm in the process of re-reading certain portions of the book to gain further insight. One important item a good book must have. It must not be predictable, it should have interesting characters, and most importantly have a tightly knit multiplot theme. The author scored big on all these accounts. It is a fast paced book with well developed characters. The Knight Seeker has unique powers that he is still learning to master. He has a good support structure with his girl friend, mother and he relies on his spirituality to "finish what he started". All in all, an excellent first outing. Eric, keep up the good work.

 I really enjoyed the book!!! Great job. I could not put it down, and cant wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.

Cant wait for the kids to read it. Although, they are still involved with required summer reading at the moment. J

David W Walker


Independent Associate 


Thomas Murray 


Let me start by saying that I am not a fast reader, by any means. As a matter of fact, I'm not much of a reader at all. However, I have been reading Knight Seeker at every possible moment and I am at the start of Chapter 10. I am truly enjoying the story so far. I really find myself getting caught up in Nygel's confusion and am wondering just as much as he is what is going to happen next. What powers will he have tomorrow?

Just wanted to say nice job and let you know I am enjoying it. I find myself trying to pick out which details are really from your life and which are fantasy. It all blends very well. Kudos.


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