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Ocean City Comic Con Dec. 14, 2019 Presented by PLB Comics

 We're back for 2019 with more space and more content! Join us Dec 14th in Ocean City, MD for details 


J1 Con Nov. 2-3, 2019 at the Show Boat Atlantic City Presented by J1 Studios

 The internationally-known entertainment geek hub, J1 Studios, (the parent company of Anime & Gaming convention, J1-Con) will be a part of Black Label ComicCon promoting and selling their self-published works from popular video game remixes, comic books, and novels including... Xeo Nexus, a novel of myth and legend set in the modern world. Guardian defends Philadelphia from dark forces that threaten his city. Angel Savior, the graphic novel of how the Angel of Death will risk everything to protect the one human he loves.  All this and information on the upcoming J1-Con will be available at Black Label ComicCon!


Xeo Nexus by Brian M. Presented by J1 Studios

 Xeo Nexus, a novel of myth and legend set in the modern world. Guardian defends Philadelphia from dark forces that threaten his city.


Angel Savior Presented by J1 Studios

 Angel Savior, the graphic novel of how the Angel of Death will risk everything to protect the one human he loves. 


The Bolt By Ryan Brady

 The Bolt is Camden’s own electrifying hero! Gifted with the ability to throw lightning, the Bolt and his best friend Jerome fight to save the city from the grip of supervillain gangs.  In the latest issue, a depowered Bolt must face off against Oddball, a sinister strategist armed with a giant robot! 


Anomaly by Ryan Brady

 Anomaly is the story of a sentient robot, built to be a weapon. However, Anomaly finds inspiration from old superhero films to aspire to something greater. He soon decides for himself that his true purpose is to find the hero in himself! 


Summons by Chris Williams

 There is an ancient text that is said to contain all of the world's mystical secrets, filled with spells and incantations of dark and light magic. It is the "Book of Summons". And the forces of darkness have just gotten their claws on it. Now, with the entire world in mortal danger, it will take a trio of unlikely heroes (a strange teenage girl, an ageless wizard, and a detective with a dark secret) to retrieve the book and restore peace. The real test, however, may lie in the three succeeding before they're consumed by the very evil they're fighting against. The Book of Summons holds many secrets, and the three, would be, allies may soon realize that whoever holds the book... holds the fate of all existence. 


Summons # 1 by Chris Williams

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Summons # 2 by Chris Williams


Okemus #3 Presented by T. J. Sterling

 Okemus issue 3: The latest heart stopping issue in the dramatic and powerful series from RAE Comics. Okemus issue 3 starts off a battle royale with tons of action and suspense. We find the main character Cale trying to come to grips with his new found power meanwhile fighting his way to the truth. 


Okemus - Bain tshirt

 Okemus - Bain tshirt - One of the 5 tees we have available from RAE

Comics. Plush heavy weight cotton. Check it 


My Natural is Beautiful Presented by Phoe-nix Nebula

 My Natural is Beautiful is a fieldguide for any  fairy in training. Learn about the arts elements and magic of the fairies as they take you on a journey of childlike imagination and expressive creativity.  


The Magis Apprentice Presented by Phoe-nix Nebula


The Magis Apprentice- coloring book.

This collection of black and white pictures gathered over the years is the perfect tool for mastering ones craft. Whether inking or coloring, sketching and backgrounds ,even creative writing/narriation, you'll injoy a wide variety of subject to choose from.


Divided District Studios Presented by Shawn McArthur

 Divided District Studios is a independent comic book publishing house from Staten Island New York. Found and organized by writer/ illustrator Shawn McArthur, bringing in a collective of creators to Black label comic con to give a sneak peak of their first four titles coming soon in a 20 page anthology sample book before it releases on August 31st. 


Carissa Pignatelli; Writer of Escape The Mortars, Actress 

Penciler and inker: Kenny Dillard 

Shawn McArthur; CEO and Creator of Divided District Studios, Comic Book Illustrator, Writer of Home and Worlds Beyond

Jodi Dareal; VP, Event Planner of District Con Director, Comic Book Illustrator, Writer of Uphoria 

Inker: Shawn McArthur 

Chris Hood; Writer of Bedauern Rich Perrotta penciler 

Shawn McArthur, inker 

Phil Leon , colorist, letterer


District Con Presented by Shawn McArthur

 On the day of release, they are also holding a comic convention at their hometown “District Con”. Not only celebrating their arrival in the independent circuit of comics, but holding interactive workshops teaching guests of all ages how to create and express art.  


Home and Worlds beyond issue #1 poster

 Art by Shawn McArthur 

Colors by Phil Leon 

Home and worlds beyond issue 1 

Release Date September 21st, 2019


Divided District Anthology Cover poster

 Art by Shawn McArthur  


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