Producers Product Line up of 2020


The Last Line // Constant Hustle Comics

 The Last Line is the story of the Sihls family and their mission to avenge the death of their matriarch.


Avery the Astonishing // Constant Hustle Comics

 Avery the Astonishing is the story of a born protector and hero who gets the power to make a real difference. 


Jocelyn Short


Jocelyn Short


Jocelyn Short


Dummie Comics

Instagram: @Dummiecomicsinc 


Dummie Comics

Instagram: @Dummiecomicsinc 

Producers Products 2019


Immortal Kiss: Eye of Hecate // Dion Floyd

 AQUARYUS ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS IMMORTAL KISS: EYE OF HECATE   We are excited about the release of our horror/detective comic, Immortal Kiss: Eye Of Hecate.   It is a story that takes place in present day Chicago. Two homicide detectives, Ilya Romanov and Sonia Flores are called to investigate a murder not far from The Nocturne, a downtown  trendy Chicago nightclub.  It isn’t long that they find themselves drawn into a supernatural world of vampires and immortals fighting over a powerful ancient relic.  The Eye Of Hecate story arc is a reboot of the original Immortal Kiss series released in 2005.  The four part mini series is created, written and produced by Dion Floyd.  Abdul Rashid is the artist on the zero issue reboot as well as character designer. Dion Floyd feels this “re-imagining” of the original story serves to connect the dots for old and new readers alike.   Creator/Writer:   Dion Floyd Artist: Abdul Rashid Digital Colors: Ben Carbonero Letters: HdE 


Star Fall // Dion Floyd

Info Coming Soon!


Steven Lisefski

 I am a artist that Does fun art as well as his own Webcomic!  The webcomic is about a a Artist trying to make his dreams come true with his imaginary friend. My art is me having fun with my art and experimenting in hoping you enjoy it as well as inspiring you to experiment with your own. Give customers a reason to do business with you.


Steven Lisefski

 I am a artist that Does fun art as well as his own Webcomic!  The webcomic is about a a Artist trying to make his dreams come true with his imaginary friend. My art is me having fun with my art and experimenting in hoping you enjoy it as well as inspiring you to experiment with your own. Say something interesting about your business here.


Gideon & Sebastian: Predators & Prey PLB Comics


Gideon West is a man tormented by his past. In an effort to block out his horrific memories, a bitter, jaded Father Gideon focuses on the one thing that gives his new life meaning: his job as a vampire hunter for the Catholic Church.

Grudgingly by his side is Sebastian, a vampire who was bitten and changed against his will, stealing away his life. Still an optimistic young man in many ways, Sebastian is finding immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be. But he does know one thing, those blood suckers are going to pay for what they did to him.

As the two unlikely allies uncover the truth, they quickly find that they go from being the hunters to being the hunted. Will they destroy the fanged menace? Will they shoot each other in the process? Find out in the pages of “Gideon & Sebastian: Predators & Prey”!


John the Swamp Dude: Who Killed Mobie Graye PLB Comics


Ripped from the pages from the “PLB Comics Halloween Special” comes a solo one shot starring fan favorite, John the Swamp Dude. This new self-contained story finds John and his best friend Bobby Zhub Zhub on the trail of the murderer of their old mentor and beloved village council member, Mobie Graye. As they embark upon their quest to bring Mobie’s killer to justice, they quickly find the path to be a perilous one, brimming with danger, surprises and twists and turns.
This double sized issue expands the universe John inhabits, exploring more of his world, introducing new characters, and delving into the history and culture of his planet. While it is not necessary to read John's past exploits to enjoy this self-contained one-shot, each issue contains a free download link to read all three past Halloween specials which contain John's previous adventures as well as lots of other stories.


Knight Seeker : Smoke & Mirrors Part 1 of 3 Illustrated by Blair Smith

Knight Seeker Smoke and Mirrors Part 1 of 3 is an action adventure comic which takes place in the city of Trenton, NJ. Knight Seeker is being hunted down by an evil and corrupt agency along with a race of alien beings.  Everything turns into chaos as the forces battle in the city while the mysterious Agent FADE watches every move.

Story written by the Late Keith Thomas, creator Eric M. Cooper


Art Prints by Blair Smith


Art Prints by Blair Smith


Daddy Long Legs & Inch Worm #1 // Bryce Bullock

Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm are two accidental heroes embarking on their first adventure in issue #1. They battle with the most uncommon foes found in all of comic history, with their first villain being the one who accidentally gave them their powers.

The characters and stories are all created and written by Bryce Bullock and Issue #1 is his first full length paperback comic book in a planned 10 issue series. As a Bullock family affair with Bryce as writer, creator and concept artist, Demitrius as illustrator and mom, Michelle lending her editorial expertise as Editor-in-Chief, stay on the lookout for more from Pankake Images and Motion Illustrationz!

Contact Information

Motion Illustrationz© & Pankake Images, CCD©

Demitrius, Michelle & Bryce Bullock

302 883 7371


Daddy Long Legs & Inch Work #2 // Bryce Bullock

Issue #2 finds our heroes facing their messiest villain yet. They continue to learn how to be superheroes and have to work together to save the city and clean up his act!


Daddy Long Legs & Inch Worm #3 // Bryce Bullock

In the 3rd installment in the series, Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm encounter the DUNG Beetle again and with his new sidekick the Roach trying to take over the world.


Dreadlocks #1 'The Revelations' // Andre Batts

 Dreadlocks #1 'The Revelations' an intro into the world of Dreadlocks as he encounters the likes like of Anakis, One who devourers the innocent. 


Black Watch ' The Beginning'// Andre Batts

 BlackWatch 'The Beginning" a SuperGroup from the future. TimeTravelng Heroes that just doesnt get along with one another, but always finds a way to get over the humo when dealing with universal chaos 


Motor City Black Age of Comics / Manga Con 2020 Presented by Andre Batts

  Date And Time

Sat, June 13, 2020

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EDT

The Motor City Black Age was established by an Artist/Writer of the comic book genre Andre Batts, in 2009. The Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention was created as an event for the Comic Book creators of Color getting the recognition they deserve. Through Panel discussions, Art workshops, Marketing and writing workshops The Motor City Black Age is part of a movement that has expanded across the U.S.It is a gathering for minority artist, animators and fans from all walks of life to meet and learn from each other. This event is for all to come out to interact, support and grow. EXPERIENCE THE BLACK AGE!!!

About Us


Darrell Goza

 The first are art prints (which we also sell separately as limited edition 13 by 19, proofs. Done on coated heavyweight art board. Signed and numbered with Certificates of Authenticity.) The Art Print featuring all three on one sheet are sold without Certificates and measures nine and a half by thirteen inches and are signed by me at the time of purchase.   The Kulprit Graphic Novel and the Goza Creative/ScriptGraphics Preview issue 3 (which is a year in review issue) are our best selling comic content products.


Wild Card Chronicles # 2 // John III & Moana McAdams

 Special LIMITED edition featuring the NEWEST faces in the Wildcard Chronicles universe! Your copy will also be SIGNED by the creator/writer and editor!!!

A prophecy-driven 2-wheeled high octane thrill ride sets Nuri on a path through the cyberpunk underground of Tekhen City as he seeks to avenge his fatherʻs alleged death. Vengeance is coming! 


Trinity Kaos // John III & Moana McAdams

 Burning Spear Comix


"KA" - The Egyptian term for the life force that dwells within the human body and lives on after death.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Maui, Hawaiʻi

DESCENT: Japanese, Hawaiian

STATION: Las Vegas

WEAPONS: A rotating two-position blade mouthed to her left forearm gauntlet and a glowing laser-edged charm that can be thrown.

ABILITY: Rapid Teleportation by way of the MPD5, a molecular phasing device. An ability fitting for one who prides herself on being late. Due to the limitations of the human body, the device causes heavy fatigue if not used sparingly. Trinityʻs acute awareness of her own KA gives her the ability to not only withstand the MPD5ʻs effects but also allows her to manipulate the device in such a way that she perfected a fighting method called the "Trinity Effect." 


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